By Mark Nelson — President, Nelson Water

With more than 30 years’ experience in the residential and commercial water treatment space, Mark Nelson is a Class 1 Drinking-Water Operator and a CBWA (Canadian Bottled Water Association) Certified Plant Operator. As founder and president of Nelson Water in Ottawa, Mark focuses on dealing with challenging water treatment system designs for problem water. He also heads the largest water bottling plant in the city of Ottawa with a delivery network throughout the Valley.

Aging infrastructure in Canada is leading to increasing cases of contamination in city and rural water supplies. While there are a number of domestic water treatment systems, UV water purification is one of the most innovative, providing families with real results and peace of mind.

Why Choose UV?

UV water purification can destroy 99.9% of all waterborne microorganisms and bacteria, without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. This chemical free approach is far kinder to the environment, and you don’t need to worry about an underlying chemical taste in your treated water. UV is also very cost effective as unlike many systems that require filter changes every month or two; the only maintenance is replacing the lamp and sleeve once a year.

How UV Purification Works

UV water purification uses different wavelengths of light that disrupts the DNA of microorganisms. This either kills the microorganism or prevents it from reproducing. As the water is exposed to the UV light, the microorganisms are effectively disabled without a need to add chemical disinfectants. While these levels of UV light are extremely effective at purifying water supplies, there is no danger to humans from exposure or consumption of treated water.

UV water purification can remove a number of contaminants including bacteria and viruses. This means that your water is safe from coliform bacteria, E.coli, salmonella, cholera, dysentery, giardia, and even the flu virus.

UV Purification and Well Water

Approximately 13% of Canadian households rely on a private well for their water supplies. Many more homes use municipal supplies sourced from lakes, streams and other bodies of surface water. Research has shown that E.coli or coliform bacteria is present in over 40% of wells, so proper water purification is vital.

Unlike municipal water supplies, private wells remain the responsibility of the property owner. This means that while municipal supplies are regulated, as a private well owner, you need to ensure that your water is safe to drink. There are a number of issues that can allow bacteria and viruses to enter your well, from hurricanes to snowfall. Even seasonal changes can drastically alter the bacterial composition of your well water. UV water purification can ensure that your well water is treated to eliminate 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses to protect you and your family from illness.

UV Treatment Options

UV water treatment systems are available as smaller under counter units or whole house systems. A whole house system provides you with full protection against exposure when bathing or using water for brushing teeth and even washing your hands. Before you install a whole house system, you will need to have your lines cleaned professionally. Skipping this step could lead to your water being recontaminated after your system has been installed.

If you are still unsure about whether UV water purification is the right treatment option for your home, you should speak to a water treatment professional. An experienced specialist can assess your water quality and guide you through the treatment options that are best suited to your unique requirements and preferences.