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Water Filters

ESS 1000

EcoWater’s ESS 1000 is the latest technology to improve your water. This system is customizable and generally configured to treat Tannins or Nitrates. Its Positive Action Brine Valve eliminates the use of solvents that may contaminate water. Positive action helps to prevent overfilling. It’s Multi-Wrap™ Fiberglass reinforced resin tank has a wrapped exterior for strength and does not deteriorate, rust, or corrode.

“NEW” ETF AIV Air-Aspirated Iron and Sulfur Filter

The ETF- AIV is a new innovative filter designed to eliminate the need for air-injectors and air release tanks. By aspirating the air directly into the filter tank, oxidized iron and sulfur precipitate is limited to form inside the filter tank where it belongs. This keeps you pressure tank, pressure switch and tank tee free from the effects of iron and mineral sludge. By eliminating the air injector, flow is also increased to the pressure tank, resulting in better volume and pressure to the house faucets.

ETF 2100 Multi-Purpose Filter

The ETF 2100 is time-initiated regeneration and is available as a multi-purpose filter. The filter is customizable to treat your specific water problem, whether it be chlorine, sediment, silt, bad taste or odour or even acidity. Following a water analysis, our technicians will recommend the correct filtration media and configuration to solve the problem.


  • System can be a tailored solution for a variety of water treatment needs.
  • An electronic timer that controls regeneration frequency.
  • System components are designed to not deteriorate, rust or corrode.