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Welcome to Nelson Water, Renfrew's Premier Problem Water Specialists for all Municipal and Well Water Problems in the greater Renfrew, Ontario region.

Nelson Water, Eliminating Hard Water from Renfrew, Ontario well water.

Nelson Water has consistently proven, for well over 30 years, that its  expertise is unmatched in resolving hard water problems, from high calcium and magnesium mineral content deposits (such as limestone, chalk and dolomite,) to sulfur, iron, sulfur bacteria and tannins.   It also been providing top tier, state-of-the-art water filtration systems specifically designed to address rust causing high iron levels, affecting clothing, fixtures and sinks as well as iron or sulfur bacteria and tannins common in the Renfrew, Ontario area.  

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  • Well and Municipal Hard Water treatment  
  • Whole home water treatment solutions 
  • Drinking water solutions including RO and UV 
  • Specialty Media Water Filtration Systems 
  • Commercial Water treatment Services 
  • Bottled Water Delivery 

Nelson Water, Removing Iron and Sulfur bacteria from Renfrew, Ontario Well Water.

If you live in Renfrew, Ontario you know that iron often leavea rust stains on sinks, tubs, toilets, clothing and linens.  It can also form scale and clog plumbing in water using appliances while making water turn brownish and smell as well as taste badly. 

Although iron or commonly referred to as rusty water is typically created when ground water passes through iron-bearing rocks, it’s important to know, that there is more than one type of iron problem. Iron comes in a variety of forms, which means that the typically recommended “one size fits all” solution, offered by BIX BOX stores and many water treatment brands, may or may not offer the correct solution for your specific water issues. 

Generally, a water-softening device will only remove the “ferrous” or Fe2 type of iron. Unfortunately, once the iron has become bonded with any organics in the water, this type of device will have virtually no effect.  Nelson Water will offer you a tailored solution, which will typically include a chemical injection system,  followed by a retention tank, a turbidity filter and lastly a carbon filter to eliminate any iron and or sulfur bacteria content from your rural well water supply.  This approach will result in odor and bacteria free water that actually tastes good with no chlorine residual or aftertaste.  

The only means to implement the proper solution is through the testing of your water at the site, because once it becomes exposed to air, it will change form. pH is a critical element in controlling the effectiveness of the equipment used for iron reduction. 

Removing tannins and dissolved organics from Renfrew, Ontario Well Water.

Leaving a yellowish tinge to the water and stains on sinks as well as tubs and toilets is the least of the worries related to Tannins.  The worst problem is that they tend to bind up organically with iron, making the removal process much more complex. Nelson Water offers a made to order solution, which will typically include a chemical injection system using a coagulant that brings the dissolved organic matter together into clumps that can be easily filtered out, followed by a retention tank, a turbidity filter and lastly a carbon filter to eliminate any leftover taste in your rural well water supply. The other protocol Nelson Water uses, if tannin is not bound up with iron, is an ion exchange system similar to how a softener works. In this case, exchanging the tannin ions for sodium, rather than calcium or magnesium ions.  

Eliminating iron, sulfur and manganese from Renfrew, Ontario Well Water.

That classic rotten egg / sulfur smell in your water is due to gas.  Hydrogen sulfide gas to be exact. This is a common issue with many of the rural wells throughout the Renfrew region. When hydrogen sulfide is dissolved in water, it causes that unpleasant rotten egg odour plus cloudiness. Gasses dissolved in your water can be detrimental to your plumbing, as they cause excess wear and tear on washers, valves and seats as well as causing severe corrosion to the actual copper pipes and brass fittings. Nelson Water uses numerous proprietary systems to ensure that hydrogen sulfide gas is eliminated from well water supplies.  Using the ETF AIV-10 air-aspirated iron and sulfur filter, which also removes manganese (which leaves terrible black stains everywhere.) the ETF AIV-10 has the ability of oxidizing the sulfur, iron and manganese into a precipitate, which is filtered out by the media bed in the ETF AIV-10.  In severe cases of iron, hydrogen sulfide or manganese, Nelson Water Nelson Water offers a specifically tailored solution, which will normally include a chemical injection system using chlorine or hydrogen peroxide followed by a retention tank, a turbidity filter and lastly a carbon filter to eliminate any remaining any taste or odour from your well water supply.

Eliminating sodium from Renfrew, Ontario Well Water.

In some areas of the greater Renfrew, Ontario region, specifically those of the former Champlain Sea, Nelson Water has a successful track record of eliminating sodium from well water supplies. The former Champlain Sea was an inlet of the Atlantic created by the retreating glaciers during the end of the last ice age. The Sea once included lands that now include the provinces of Quebec and Ontario.  These former salt water basins, are very rich in sodium chloride which in turn, like sea water itself is corrosive on copper, brass and other metallic plumbing fixtures and water using appliances.   By using a light commercial WHRO (Whole House Reverse Osmosis System) Nelson Water is able to filter and deliver high quality, great tasting sodium free water.

Removing lead and uranium / radon found in Renfrew, Ontario Well Water.

Care and protection of a private well water supply is the sole responsibility of the homeowner.  Nelson Water offers innovative treatment systems to address critical water issues found in rural well water, like lead contamination, toxic chemicals (from manufacturing and agricultural runoff) as well as naturally occurring uranium /radon.  Nelson Water has a track record going back to the early 80’s of successfully removing dangerous contaminants from Renfrew, Ontario well water. Although the technology of choice, is typically a three-stage R.O. (reverse osmosis) system, (the EcoWater ERO 375) there are also certain types of nutshell carbon (like coconut shell) that can be effective as well. Nelson Water offers unique technical capabilities in managing the removal of lead and the abatement of any meaningful levels of uranium /radon which are common in the rural areas of Renfrew, Ontario.  

Call Nelson Water at 888.326.7082 for all your water treatment solutions including hardness, taste/odor, pharmaceuticals, lead removal as well as sulfur, iron, sulfur bacteria, tannins, chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, toxic chemicals, uranium and radon in Renfrew, Burnstown, Calabogie, Cobden, Haley's Station and Eganville Ontario. Click here to contact us for immediate service. 


Municipal Water, Chlorine, Fluoride, Taste/Odour, Hardness, Pharmaceuticals and Lead Water Treatment and Filtration Services for all of Renfrew, Ontario‚Äôs Water Supply.  

Nelson Water not only specializes in rural well water treatment, but also municipal water solutions, offering treatment options for Renfrew, Ontario's most challenging municipal chlorine, fluoride, taste/odour, hardness, pharmaceutical and lead issues as well as hardness found in Renfrew, Ontario city water. 

Nelson Water removing Chlorine, Odour and Taste from Renfrew, Ontario Water.

As one of the oldest names in water filtration and water treatment in the Renfrew area, Nelson Water specializes well beyond HARD water and water softening solutions, typically needed for well water, but also in municipal water de-chlorination issues.  Nelson Water has been installing water filtration and de-chlorination systems in Renfrew, Ontario and its suburbs for the better part of 30 years, dealing with  a wide range of water problems native to the area, specifically chlorine odor and taste, frequently present in municipally treated water.  Nelson Water's technology of choice, for the elimination of chlorine odour and taste, is the EcoWater WATER REFINING SYSTEM® which combines the benefits of water conditioning and carbon filtration. Designed specifically for city water applications it not only cleans, softens and filters, but SPECIFICALLY reduces chlorine taste and odour, typically found in Renfrew.  

Removing Fluoride from Renfrew, Ontario Water.

Although Renfrew’s municipal water treatment plant does a great job at providing potable water, they actually add fluoride, which is technically a chemical designed to prevent tooth decay.  Fluoride is a controversial subject, because there is scientific evidence that there may be health issues associated (both positive and negative) with the chemical.  As a homeowner you have the option to remove it as it enters your home. Nelson Water typically uses the ERO 375 Reverse Osmosis System, which is the same technology used to produce commercially bottled water.  

Water Softening and Water Filtration Repair and Replacement in Renfrew, Ontario.

Nelson Water's factory authorized service center, is one of the premier facilities in Canada. It offers emergency repair services for numerous water softeners and water filtration systems including EcoWater Systems, WaterBoss, Sears, Lindsay, Culligan, Rayne, GE, Whirlpool, Wateright, Autotrol, Rainsoft, Hellenbrand, Water Depot, Addie, Kinetico, Clack, Fleck, Hills and Valley, Town and Country and Soft Water. 

Commercial Water Treatment Solutions and Services in Renfrew, Ontario.

Nelson Water offers top tier commercial water treatment solutions for Renfrew, Ontario. In addition to providing a full suite of services, including Regulated Site Services to comply with Ontario Regulation 170/03, Nelson Water also offers treatment  systems that provide high quality water used for direct steam injection, humidification and horticulture. Using large scale Reverse Osmosis and softening technology, our commercial clients have come to depend on us to help them solve even the most challenging and complex water treatment problems. Don’t hesitate to call Nelson Water for your next commercial water treatment project in Renfrew, Ontario.

Commercial Water Softening, Reverse Osmosis and Water Filtration for Renfrew, Ontario 

Nelson Water is here to resolve all your residential and commercial water treatment problems in Renfrew, Burnstown, Calabogie, Cobden, Haley's Station and Eganville Ontario. Call us at 888.326.7082 or click here for immediate service.