Foul Odours and Tastes

Are you detecting foul odors or unusual tastes in your water supply? Bacterial contamination could be compromising your water quality and safety, making professional testing and treatment essential for peace of mind.

The Problem

Bacteria in water, including E. coli, can cause severe illness if ingested. It may also manifest through foul odors, sediment presence, or increased turbidity yet many homeowners are unaware of the potential contamination in their water supply.

The Solution

Nelson Water conducts comprehensive testing for bacteria and offers tailored treatment solutions to ensure your water is safe and free from harmful microorganisms.

Low Water Pressure

Fed up with weak water pressure hindering your daily routines? Nelson Water specializes in diagnosing and resolving low water pressure issues and restoring optimal flow throughout your home for hassle-free usage.

The Problem

Struggling with weak water pressure throughout your home? Low water pressure can be frustrating and may indicate issues such as clogged pipes or mineral deposits.

The Solution

Let us diagnose the root cause of your low water pressure and implement targeted solutions to restore optimal flow throughout your plumbing system, guaranteeing consistent water pressure for all your needs.

Work with Us.

Are you interested in a position with Nelson Water? We have opportunities for Service technicians, Installers, Sales, Route delivery drivers and Customer service specialists.

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