Regulated Site Services

Sampling Services:

  • Collection of all water samples required for compliance
  • Completion of lab “chain of custody” forms and maintenance of on-site log books.
  • Analysis of water samples through an accredited laboratory
  • Electronic reporting and record maintenance with file backups
  • Reporting of sampled water results to customer
  • Notification to facility owner and Ministry of the Environment in the event of Adverse water results


Drinking Water System Services:

  • Weekly, Bi-weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and annual treatment system maintenance
  • Remote monitoring of water treatment system where applicable
  • On-site Digital Turbidity testing and Chlorine Residual testing
  • Adverse water corrective Rapid Deployment Action plans within half a business day
  • 24 hour emergency services

Administrative Services:

  • Completion of annual reports and required forms
  • Registration of lab services and water works to MOE
  • Preparation of Systems Operation Manual containing accurate and detailed records of all water test results, treatment equipment maintenance and other documentation required for compliance


Engineering Reports & System Design:

No two commercial treatment challenges are alike. In fact, the Nelson Water’s pro team has a well established track record of designing, installing, and maintaining unique custom solutions for entire townships, community systems, shopping centers, farms, nursing homes, daycare centers, apartment buildings and many more.

Engineer Evaluation Report (EER)

Ontario Regulation 170/03 – The Drinking Water System Regulation made under the Safe Drinking Water Act covers municipal and private water systems providing water to year-round residential developments and designated facilities that serve vulnerable users. 170/03 mandates strict drinking water system requirements including water treatment and water testing. Drinking water systems require professional Engineering Reports to certify that the water system is in compliance. Our services include the initial water sample collection, analysis by a certified laboratory, interpretation of the results, water treatment system design and supply and installation of the required equipment. The Engineering Evaluation Report is then completed and submitted to the appropriate MOE authority.

Safe Drinking Water Act Regulations
You need to Know:

Non-Municipal Year Round Residential Drinking Water Systems

These drinking water systems include privately owned systems that serve:

  • Apartment buildings with six or more residential units
  • Private subdivisions with six or more houses
  • Condominium or townhouse complexes with six or more residential units
  • Mobile home parks with six or more homes
  • Trailer parks supplying water year-round to six or more sites with water service hookup


Small Drinking Water Systems

These drinking water systems include privately owned systems that serve:

  • Restaurants
  • Seasonal trailer parks
  • Summer camps
  • Community centers
  • Libraries
  • Gas stations
  • Motels
  • Churches and many other public facilities.If you are not sure whether your system is affected, contact your local public health unit.

Drinking Water Systems That Serve
Designated Facilities

Designated facilities are buildings and places for people who may be more susceptible to illness from drinking water of poor quality.
Designated facilities include:

  • Children’s camps
  • Child and youth care facilities, including day nurseries
  • Health care facilities including hospitals, nursing homes and seniors’ residences
  • Social care facilities receiving funding from the Ontario government
  • Hostels and other delivery agent care facilities
  • Schools and private schools
  • Universities, colleges of applied arts and technology, or institutions with the authority to grant degree

Important: Even if your drinking water systems only supplies water to a designated facilities for a limited time during the year, your system is subjected to O. Reg 170/03 requirements year-round.

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