Our premium line of dealer products includes:

Softeners | Conditioners for:

  • Stains on your sinks, tubs, showers, and clothing
  • Build-up or etching on glassware
  • Damage due to scale in your pipes and appliances
  • Increasing lather from your shampoo and soap
  • Soap scum in the shower and tub

Refiners for:

  • Excessive chlorine, chloramines and hardness associated with municipal water

Problem Water Filters for:

  • Bad Taste or Odors
  • Low pH damaging copper or galvanized pipes and water heaters
  • Cloudy or turbid water
  • Radon
  • Sulfur, pH, silt,
  • Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates, and other contaminants

Chemical Injection Systems for:

  • Tannins, sulfur, high iron, bacteria

Reverse Osmosis and Drinking Systems for:

  • Tastes and odors in drinking water
  • High TDS and salt
  • Arsenic, Lead, Nitrates, and other contaminants

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